June 30, 2004

Dashboard vs. Konfabulator

by John Gruber [Daring Fireball]
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The horror, the horror

David Foster Wallace delves into the heart of human darkness in his chilling new story collection.
By Laura Miller [Salon]
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June 29, 2004

Bush Bargains Badly

Kim Jong-il outwits W. on nukes.
By Fred Kaplan [Slate]
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June 28, 2004

The Disaster of Failed Policy

By Michael Kinsley [lat]
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June 25, 2004

“Democracy itself is in grave danger”

Former Vice President Al Gore charges that the Bush administration’s use of executive power goes beyond the pale. America’s greatest challenge today, he argues, “is not terrorism but how we react to terrorism.”
By Al Gore[Note: Editor’s note: Following is the full text of a speech by former Vice President Al Gore to the American Constitution Society at Georgetown University on June 24.] [Salon]
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The Salon Interview: Bill Clinton

The former president blasts the Bush-Cheney rush to war, explains why Gore lost in 2000 and tells how Kerry can win in 2004.
By Joe Conason [Salon]
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June 21, 2004

Plan B

As June 30th approaches, Israel looks to the Kurds.
by Seymour M. Hersh [New Yorker]
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Bush and Iraq

[Philadelphia Inquirer]
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June 18, 2004

Microsoft Research drm talk

by Cory Doctorow [eff]
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June 17, 2004

How Microsoft Lost the api War

By Joel Spolsky [Joel on Software]
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June 16, 2004

The Paper Trail

When laws get in the way of torture
by William Pfaff [Int’l Herald Tribune]
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June 15, 2004

“A temporary coup”

Author Thomas Powers says the White House’s corruption of intelligence has caused the greatest foreign policy catastrophe in modern U.S. history—and sparked a civil war with the nation’s intel agencies.
By Mark Follman [Salon]
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Reagan porn

The “liberal media’s” unprecedented 24/7 gushing over a controversial and divisive president caps a quarter-century of fawning.
By Eric Boehlert [Salon]
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Travesty of Justice

By Paul Krugman [NY Times]
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June 07, 2004

Microsoft’s Sacred Cash Cow

A former Microsoftie says addiction to Windows revenue, mediocre products, and missed opportunities could doom Seattle’s most successful company.
by Jeff Reifman [Seattle Weekly]
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Under the Banner of the ‘War’ on Terror

by William Greider [The Nation]
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June 02, 2004

Kerry Faces the World

What would a John Kerry foreign policy look like? In some ways a lot like one the current President’s father could endorse
by Joshua Micah Marshall [The Atlantic]
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