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1998 ‹CYOSWA 1›

A New Hope
by Christopher Golden

Is the Force with you?

Join Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo to fight against the evil Galactic Empire—only this time you control the twists, turns, and outcomes of the most exciting adventure in the galaxy.

Will you help lead the Rebellion to victory against the Empire? Or side with Darth Vader and betray your friends? The fate of the galaxy is in your hands—may the Force be with you.

  • 118 pages
  • 13 endings
  • 15 unique paths
  • 44 choices in longest path

Every Branch

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Every Path

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Every Decision

Pg. 1 Pg. 118 pg. 1pg. 12pg. 25pg. 48pg. 57pg. 107pg. 4pg. 13pg. 30pg. 69pg. 83pg. 91pg. 26pg. 92pg. 114pg. 11pg. 18pg. 36pg. 39pg. 44pg. 50pg. 54pg. 66pg. 75pg. 85pg. 102pg. 110pg. 3pg. 7pg. 8pg. 19pg. 41pg. 49pg. 55pg. 58pg. 62pg. 95pg. 104pg. 105pg. 20pg. 22pg. 24pg. 28pg. 117pg. 118pg. 16pg. 32pg. 34pg. 38pg. 43pg. 64pg. 72pg. 76pg. 77pg. 82pg. 5pg. 15pg. 33pg. 80pg. 93pg. 2pg. 6pg. 10pg. 14pg. 21pg. 23pg. 27pg. 31pg. 37pg. 42pg. 46pg. 53pg. 56pg. 59pg. 65pg. 67pg. 68pg. 70pg. 73pg. 79pg. 81pg. 84pg. 88pg. 94pg. 96pg. 98pg. 99pg. 109pg. 111pg. 112pg. 113pg. 116pg. 61pg. 35pg. 45pg. 47pg. 63pg. 74pg. 86pg. 87pg. 90pg. 97pg. 100pg. 103pg. 108

Every Reading


Every Page-flip


Every Page

  • undefined illustrated spreads
  • 13 full-page illustrations
  • undefined inline illustrations
  • 78 ‘story’ pages
  • 13 endings
  • 13 pages with two choices
  • 1 page with three choices
  • undefined pages with four (or more) choices
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