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1986 ‹CYOA 53›

The Case of the Silk King
by Shannon Gilligan

Someone wanted Jim Thompson out of the way….

One day an envelope is mailed to your detective agency. Inside are two one-thousand-dollar bills, a plane ticket to Thailand, and a newspaper article. The article is about the incredible disappearance of Jim Thompson, the “Thai Silk King.” It promises a huge reward to whoever finds him! Someone wants you to investigate – but who?

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  • 115 pages
  • 19 endings
  • 19 unique paths
  • 24 choices in longest path

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  • 2 illustrated spreads
  • 24 full-page illustrations
  • 2 inline illustrations
  • 55 ‘story’ pages
  • 19 endings
  • 16 pages with two choices
  • 1 page with three choices
  • undefined pages with four (or more) choices
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