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1983 ‹ZORK 3›

The Cavern of Doom
by S. Eric Meretsky

A fabulous adventure awaits you in the magical land of Zork – where you decide what happens!

Mystery and danger surround the discovery of a huge underground realm beneath the kingdom of Zork. Many explorers and adventurers have entered there in search of treasure, but none returned!

Will you enter the cavern of doom? Or will you leave Zork to the mercy of the hideous secret that lurks in the cavern depths?

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  • 127 pages
  • 17 endings
  • 1,008 unique paths
  • 51 choices in longest path

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  • undefined illustrated spreads
  • 27 full-page illustrations
  • 28 inline illustrations
  • 61 ‘story’ pages
  • 17 endings
  • 13 pages with two choices
  • 3 pages with three choices
  • 2 pages with four (or more) choices
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