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1982 ‹CYOA 14›

The Forbidden Castle
by Edward Packard

Can you solve the riddle of the Forbidden Castle?

The Cave of Time whirls you back to medieval England. You must solve the riddle that leads to the Forbidden Castle, where riches await – and maybe a way home. But the king wants the fortune for himself, and his army is right behind you!

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  • 118 pages
  • 28 endings
  • 66 unique paths
  • 23 choices in longest path

Every Branch

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Every Path

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Every Decision

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Every Reading


Every Page-flip


Every Page

  • 13 illustrated spreads
  • 21 full-page illustrations
  • 13 inline illustrations
  • 36 ‘story’ pages
  • 28 endings
  • 28 pages with two choices
  • 1 page with three choices
  • undefined pages with four (or more) choices
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