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1985 ‹CYOA 43›

Grand Canyon Odyssey
by Jay Leibold (pseudonym used by Jay Montavon)

Can you conquer the grand canyon?

You're a daring river runner who’s just been hired to raft down the Colorado River. Your mission: find the lost horses who went to the edge of the Grand Canyon – and then vanished. A few days into your trip, you get a terrifying message over the radio: huge flood waters are racing toward you!

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  • 115 pages
  • 35 endings
  • 47 unique paths
  • 17 choices in longest path

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  • undefined illustrated spreads
  • 18 full-page illustrations
  • 5 inline illustrations
  • 25 ‘story’ pages
  • 35 endings
  • 38 pages with two choices
  • undefined pages with three choices
  • undefined pages with four (or more) choices
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