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1981 ‹CYOA 11›

Mystery of the Maya
by R. A. Montgomery

Are you brave enough to take the magic potion and travel back in time?

You are in Mexico. You’ve come to explore the ruins of the ancient and mysterious Mayan Indians, whose civilization disappeared 800 years ago. Many before you have tried to solve the mystery, but no one has succeeded. Now you have the chance to find out what really happened. Will you drink the magic time potion?

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  • 134 pages
  • 44 endings
  • 123 unique paths
  • 21 choices in longest path

Every Branch

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  • 12 illustrated spreads
  • 8 full-page illustrations
  • 26 inline illustrations
  • 30 ‘story’ pages
  • 44 endings
  • 48 pages with two choices
  • 1 page with three choices
  • undefined pages with four (or more) choices
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