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1985 ‹CYOA 44›

The Mystery of Ura Senke
by Shannon Gilligan

Can you solve the mystery of Ura Senke?

A priceless tea bowl has been stolen from Ura Senke, the well-known tea ceremony school in Japan. You volunteer to help your friends find it – but before you can start, you’re kidnapped by the Yakuza, a vicious Japanese gang. You’re thrown into a room with a gun-toting guard, and it looks as if there’s no escape. But the guard falls asleep!

Available at the Internet Archive

  • 116 pages
  • 23 endings
  • 39 unique paths
  • 17 choices in longest path

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Every Page

  • 12 illustrated spreads
  • 15 full-page illustrations
  • 9 inline illustrations
  • 56 ‘story’ pages
  • 23 endings
  • 20 pages with two choices
  • 1 page with three choices
  • 1 page with four (or more) choices
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