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1979 ‹CYOA 7›

The Third Planet from Altair
by Edward Packard

This daring space mission could be your finest—or it could be your last!

You are flying through space – past Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn – toward the third planet from the star Altair. You descend to a strange world of deserted cities, glowing caves, and man-eating plants. You are here to find the source of the mysterious signals being transmitted to earth

Available at the Internet Archive

  • 117 pages
  • 38 endings
  • 97 unique paths
  • 17 choices in longest path

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  • 16 illustrated spreads
  • 12 full-page illustrations
  • 22 inline illustrations
  • 24 ‘story’ pages
  • 38 endings
  • 38 pages with two choices
  • 3 pages with three choices
  • undefined pages with four (or more) choices
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