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Infocom-related mishaps

dept. of side projects

Corduroy is a Python library for using CouchDB with Tornado.

book cover doodle

i have no idea why i made this…

scale error

coordinate transforms will always be a trial and error affair i'm afraid

the rules of the game

13 months and 11k lines of code later, i’ve finished up the choose your own adventure project. all told i ended up cataloging a dozen books from the early-to-mid 80s, looking for patterns in their construction and in the paths made by different readers through them.

these short, simple books had a surprisingly complicated structure with their interlocking pages & choices. as a kid the idea of writing one and keeping all those pages straight boggled my mind. what was lost on me at the time was that even a list of hundreds of page numbers can be comprehensible if it’s redrawn as a diagram. these days i feel like i approach everything that way.

so here is my look back at an obsession from my past, using graphical obsessions of the present to guide the way.


the octopus unfurling

i'm guessing the Infinite Jest character's name was no coincidence

my favorite is the 1766 manila variation

when legends gather

“Calling all. This is our last cry before our eternal silence.”

the map is not the territory

equal parts corman and eames.

between the use of ‘strikes’, ‘matrices’, and the origin of the ‘K’ in CYMK, early color process nomenclature is suspiciously similar to printmaking/type-design jargon.

“No advertising, no support, no bug fixes, payment in advance.”

from scratchy feedback into muffled rumbles

still $5 (postpaid)

all my somerville-era hobby horses in one place

like an east coast bradbury bldg.

breaking bad brought me here

reputedly (and conceivably) dfw's testimonial 

fantastic explanation of overtones vs timbre

i remember being surprised when the title screen's music switched from being atmospheric rumbles to a proper song about 30 seconds in.

kilimanjaro simile intact

in alameda

multiple neat ideas (and a dramatic ending) marred by raggedy collision detection

“Everything I do, I got a reason.”

drake's accountant

just one guitar

when los angeles's urban planning was at the burning man level

have unix will timetravel

spectacular use of event-driven audio

interpreting counter values as game mechanic

way too much in here to list. maniac mansion, pitfall, raid on raid on bungeling bay, and elite all changed my view of the old days in various ways though. watch them all.

“Czech psychedelic country music”

“EduWare never actually obtained a license from the television series' producers. The company simply called ITC, asked if they had any issues with a Prisoner-themed restaurant, and when ITC said that would be okay, EduWare decided they didn't need a license to make a Prisoner-inspired game.”

many great pieces including the ballyhoo'd dickensianism post

there's a surprising amount of rhythm in their compiler output

a wrinkle in genre

ziweh-ziweh ooo ooo

the most fun i've had with recursion since quicksort

canon from the 20s that still reminds me of delia derbyshire

more or less why i have windows on my machine...

love the bit about the overflow error in pinky's navigation. one of those bugs that ends up causing more interesting behavior than the non-flawed algorithm would have

“Notice the extremely ghetto picture-in-picture I had to do. I would, ahem, *acquire* some better video editing programs, but you know, my 56k limits my options.”

the new casio sk-1

so much magic hidden in tunings

as much as i have a soft spot for beautiful soup this is the syntax i've always wanted

all 6 seconds of it

tragically accurate. let us all surf the rising tide of mediocrity on the way down...

the beautifully empty palast der republik in its final days intact (c.f. )