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Infocom-related mishaps

dept. of side projects

Corduroy is a Python library for using CouchDB with Tornado.

book cover doodle

i have no idea why i made this…

scale error

coordinate transforms will always be a trial and error affair i'm afraid

the rules of the game

13 months and 11k lines of code later, i’ve finished up the choose your own adventure project. all told i ended up cataloging a dozen books from the early-to-mid 80s, looking for patterns in their construction and in the paths made by different readers through them.

these short, simple books had a surprisingly complicated structure with their interlocking pages & choices. as a kid the idea of writing one and keeping all those pages straight boggled my mind. what was lost on me at the time was that even a list of hundreds of page numbers can be comprehensible if it’s redrawn as a diagram. these days i feel like i approach everything that way.

so here is my look back at an obsession from my past, using graphical obsessions of the present to guide the way.


mesmerizing demo

also the soundtrack to my dc summers

canvas sugar

typesetters know when to hold/fold/kern em

gis without impedance issues...

the comic-within-the-comic reconstructed

how it's done

the m.c.m. m.o.

neat python library for audio futzing


defused via koan

show-stoppers include destro my tokyo, vision voice void, and the game

i kind of can't get over the idea of fallows hacking out a script in basic to do his taxes...

towers of hanoi on the run

the waylon jennings version still floors me

so between this and tornado i guess facebook isn't entirely a pile of php

everything. (almost literally now since you daren't even think about using lua post-3.3.1)

it's hard not to fall into hero worship mode when it comes to this guy...

so much type

minimalism or asceticism? not sure. might be right though...

he had a vision

deep magic in the circuit switched network

some of the best documentation ever.

surreal. i suspect lynch's involvement.

the land was originally set up as a medicinal plant nursery

maybe it's time to ditch js for map/reduce. makes me wonder if a coffeescript view server would be worth it...

a classic from the day it was published

“…can be traced to the ancient Scandinavian religious practice of placing a tree on the top of a new building to appease the tree-dwelling spirits of their ancestors that had been displaced.”

the “№1 Animated film of all the time”

looks ridiculously useful for debugging json apis...

terrific look at the meta-lit side of the cyoa books

by far the most beautiful building on the berkeley campus

still searching for my ideal neighborhood in 2d coding...

just when i think wikipedia can no longer blow my mind

the sign is 100 this year

algorithms for dynamically scheduling these sound interesting

maxtor stuck spindle - third one down

pdf scans of all the manuals. no vrml of the feelies, but surely that's coming.

hyperspace anthologized

1970s rutt-etra scan processor art. i especially love the muybridge-ish walking pattens at 7.05

incredibly trippy just-pre-hayes code betty boop cartoon. the musical sequence with cab calloway halfway through is lysergic greatness.

the story of the ap's origin as a telegraph cartel is fascinating and disturbing. i really need to reread lessig's first book. the price of distributed freedom is eternal vigilance...

youtube as beat corpus

great storytelling

it's funny that i've experienced this story in all the media forms it's taken except for the original...

definitely the best thing i was exposed to in the d+m dept.


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