i am a small plastic piece for the shortcomings of industry standards

the sequence up to now

because red is the color of paprika

swinehart family numerology in engravers mt bold. best gratuitous serif ever on the seven.

the years of the dragon and dog were quite in sync

trying to integrate my compilation discography into the relationship timeline.


pattern & shape

So glad Tom & Nancy taught me this '3 level' lesson at an impressionable age

discrete "discreet music"

a stellar arrangement & performance

from the days of 'peak ephemera'

the gasoline alley strip is especially gorgeous

to scale

tom bissell taking stock of literary stunt-pilotry

dead-simple and surprisingly illuminating oscilloscope view

This storm is what we call progress

the chiptune singularity cometh…

an incredible cross-section of eastern bloc industrial design

hard to believe this is freely available…

peak h.v.a.c.

making the USGS look shoddy in comparison

export settings demystified


compression palimpsest

Tom Coryat was a man who knew how to title a book

one of my favorite pieces of illegal art, finally legitimized

Jasmin Blanchette making some good points (via QT of all things)

staccato cityscape

12 months of stories in a single deck

bronze age CGI starts halfway through

scroll down for the ‘hats’ montage

the endpapers of black hole but with faces you recognize

eerie and mysterious

would love to hear their version of the assault on precinct 13 theme...

maybe they'll take down the world's worst piece of signage now

the sound of ray davies applying for a job at the radiophonic workshop

i now have a reason to go to seattle

a gift shop that doubles as a history of graphic design

the numerals section is fascinating

the sound of eight confused men getting paid and then...

many personal favorites on this list

there's something almost charming about the early days of computer viruses

ian bogost on nintendo's embrace of fractured attention

nifty parallel between birth years and pin prevalence

luma key magnificence

lovely compilations

adorable and ridiculous

nobody knows

they knew how to make music television back in the day

“old fashion’ but good”

dearest delia

the essential incidentals

metroid meets oxyd

manhattan in 1820

and the boys say ‘hey goo, what's new?’

the octopus unfurling


Christian Swinehart

Design Partner

Office of Unspecified Services | Brooklyn, N.Y.

Web, motion, and print design in collaboration with Takaaki Okada


Adjunct Professor

Parsons | New York, N.Y.

Instructor in the Masters Program in Data Visualization


Part-time Faculty

R.I.S.D. | Providence, R.I.

Created and taught Lies, Damned Lies, & Data Visualization


Visualization Developer

Bloomberg Visual Data | New York, N.Y.

Data analysis, user experience consulting, and front/back-end development


Interactive Designer

Pentagram | New York, N.Y.

Graphic & computational design on Lisa Strausfeld's team


Core Developer

Fink Project | Open Source Software for OS X

Maintainer of 54 applications including Emacs, GPG, and Frotz


Web Designer/Developer

Revolutions Workshop | Washington D.C.

Graphic design and front-end development.



Programming Languages

Python, Javascript, Objective C, C, ActionScript, Java, Perl, Lisp

Graphics/Visualization Environments

Canvas, SVG, D3, Three.js, CoreGraphics, PlotDevice, Processing, MATLAB

Data Analysis

NumPy, Pandas, Seaborn, SQL, Matplotlib, BeautifulSoup


Nginx, Apache, CouchDB, Node.js, Tornado, Handlebars


Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch, Photoshop, After Effects, Max/MSP, Flash


Macintosh, Linux, BSD

Skills & Technologies

Rhode Island School of Design

M.F.A. | Graphic Design


Brandeis University

Ph.D. | Computational Neuroscience


Dickinson College

B.S. | Cognitive Science (Self-developed Major)



Samizdat Drafting Co.

129 Noble St., Top floor

Brooklyn, NY 11222