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1982 ‹CYOA 15›

House of Danger
by R. A. Montgomery

Will the House of Danger be your biggest case ever? Or will it be your Last?

You are an accomplished young detective with several tough cases under your belt. Then comes a case that is as difficult as it is frightening. An anonymous caller begs for help. But before you can find out more, the line goes dead…

Available at the Internet Archive

  • 109 pages
  • 20 endings
  • 20 unique paths
  • 18 choices in longest path

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Every Page

  • 24 illustrated spreads
  • 13 full-page illustrations
  • 7 inline illustrations
  • 51 ‘story’ pages
  • 20 endings
  • 19 pages with two choices
  • undefined pages with three choices
  • undefined pages with four (or more) choices
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