20 November 2005

Keeping a Genre Alive

In a Bid to Rekindle the Text-Only pc Games of the 1980s, Fans Write New Adventures
By Vauhini Vara [wsj]
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22 October 2005

The Wars Over Evolution

By Richard C. Lewontin [NY Review of Books]
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9 August 2005

Chasing the dream

As video gaming spreads, the debate about its social impact is intensifying
by the staff [Economist]
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by John Gruber [Daring Fireball]
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15 July 2005

Why Are Movies So Bad? or, The Numbers

by Pauline Kael [New Yorker]
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11 July 2005

The Lost Generation

How UK post-rock fell in love with the moon, and a bunch of bands nobody listened to defined the 1990s
by Nitsuh Abebe [Pitchfork]
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29 June 2005

The Big Fish

Ten years later, the story of Suck.com, the first great website
By Matt Sharkey [Keep Going]
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Commencement Speech at Kenyon University

by David Foster Wallace [Marginalia]
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28 June 2005

The Armstrong Williams NewsHour

by Frank Rich [NY Times]
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14 June 2005

Where the Wild Things Are

The Miyazaki Menagerie
by A.O. Scott [NY Times]
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6 June 2005

Master Planned

Why intelligent design isn’t.
by H. Allen Orr [New Yorker]
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26 April 2005

Environmental Heresies

By Stewart Brand [Tech. Review]
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23 March 2005

Forensic types

Excavating the history of lettering gives this New York foundry a contemporary edge
by Alice Twemlow [Eye]
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28 February 2005

Journey to the (Revolutionary, Evil-Hating, Cash-Crazy, and Possibly Self-Destructive) Center of Google

You’ve heard the story. Larry and Sergey drop out of school, start a company in a garage, then become billionaires. But will Larry and Sergey ever grow up?
by John Heilemann [GQ]
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23 February 2005

An Interview With David Foster Wallace

by Larry McCaffery [Rev. Contemporary Fiction]
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