sidewalk (v)

is it just me, or does the tracking get tighter as the right margin approaches?


80% ultra-bold, 20% light

the coward's way out



cemex is behind some of the more striking visuals i’ve come across


green on red


four words / four entirely different lettering styles

fully documented

the f.a.q. is printed on the other side of the building


exclamation mark + lightning bolt

stroop effect

red, black, whatever


follow the arrows

the way back

spiffy racing stripes on the bus

kendall industry (i)

remember to enter at 275

kendall industry (ii)



it makes ‘laundromat’ look like a delicious kind of chocolate

cambridge landmarks (i)

explicit is better than implicit

central bakery

never saw it lit up. more’s the pity...

the box stop

looks like the sign/plank used to say ‘notary’. nice recycling effort

american & foreign

the ‘t’ portion of the ‘et’ has wilted

barristers (i)

barristers (ii)

separation anxiety

we assure you, you will see your clothes again

sidewalk (vi)

my favorite of the cambridge street badges

backward compatible

the new sign (perpendicular to the old) puts the ‘I’ in variety

night and day

sometimes only victorian-style ornamentation says ‘no’ loud enough


minus the corporate id part

repair and shine

you could hang coats on the terminals of the S and R


window hangings on 24th st

guerrero laundrette

the top line has some of the squarest small caps you’ll ever see

good (i)

A shadow falling in Iowa City

sidewalk (vii)

thanks f.d.r.