fifty seven

another tool and die off franklin ave


stared at this for spells

l.e.s. e.v.

glowing nighttime signage

ninety four

lowercase uppercase n

two sixteen

on frost street


astroturf marketing


great perspective shift in the drop shadows

radio & television

at the foot of grand street


under the bqe on borinquen


on havemeyer

letterform refactoring

rad post-hoc sixes

humboldt chapel

on a soggy walk to the subway

area code = fish

phone number = coral reef?

textiles noir

all fabric stores should be confident enough to hang a 20-foot-tall sign declaring who they are

surf remnants

market street decay


even residential buildings have hazard ratings around here

sun and air

of nothing in particular

dolores manor

a block or two north of the park

yellow alley

rage warehouse part ii

business offices of potrero (i)

f.uri’s buttoned-down division

city fence

iron wrought in pawt.

fifteen seventeen

m.j. called the numbers ‘wonky’.


they were offloading soda at the polish deli across from the busy bee on nassau

just for today

revealed through the destruction of a neighboring building off greeley square

beaming with qualities

between the sign and the building it’s advertising is a conenvient bail bonds place

crazy numerals everywhere

specifically they are in ktown


an old concert venue is being gutted to make way for bad bands. this ‘studio’ is on the corner.

more morgan

everything about this camera shop on sunset is gorgeous

liquor & drugs (ii)

liquor has lovely letters

liquor & drugs (iv)

i didn’t even have to ask dave to pull over to get this shot

liquor & drugs (i)

across the street from our pho breakfast destination

liquor & drugs (iii)

the diagonal part of the sign is at the same angle as the italic

at the races

i doubt i’ll be going again soon, but it was quite a spectacle.


next to the larchmont (which was tasty)


in quote-unquote dogpatch by the old loading docks

neon halo

just the upper curl on the F remains

rusty sunspot

the long walk to the 22

de rigeur

in the ‘signs i should have pictures of already’ series

the 22 route (iii)

stair builders

the 22 route (ii)

round warm sans

the 22 route (i)

d.i.y. family

loud florist

i can’t imagine they have any flowers more colorful than their signage

acting lessons

a rather nice ‘the’

boxy cleaners

a great 3 on there as well


strange to think soda advertising was once printed on metal

opposing arcs

walking to the PFA in berkeley

this way out

hkp and i finally made it up to the observatory without having to leap any fences in the process

trans world

revealed on the side of the concert venue being renovated on sunset


santa barbara bus terminus

more neon

the peter pan motel in santa cruz


cherin’s on valencia has some serious 70s rec-room wood paneling in its signage


asad says it looks like ‘all my other’ humanist sanses

the man who shot liberty valance

twice, but with better lighting this time

amtrak nomenclature

we passed building k on the way out of d.c.

woodies (1880–1994)

i even miss garfinckel’s at this point, mostly for the name though…

nights x 9

plastic power power

it's a fair cop

actions have consequences


i like how the lettering and the streetlamp are imitating each other

mosaic sans

love the short, rounded leg on the 5 (and the perfectly raster-aligned th)


helmsley spear welcomes you


after onstad, fleeing carroll gardens

radiophonic workshop

akzidenz, will you mary me?

smiling g

like kabel gone even more fanciful