Radioscope Shack

Featuring the death ray

A & P

Fading well away

providence electric

the bolt

they can't be trusted

the inverse liquor-store problem

roller disco train

the six train has a history from the 70s that it doesn’t like to talk about

the trifecta

the shop on north main with all the antique safes and file cabinets


overexposed parking id

milk delivery

please write my tombstone in the entenmann’s typeface

soma parking lot view

russian fundamentalist bodega

the piroshki are good, but the eternal hellfire is unbeatable

phantom #1

midtown 80


that five is totally crazy. like it really wants to be a two or something

store that must be imaginary

the care in that lettering is just stupefying


love the bow-legged capital r


clearly there should be more calligraphy in garages


ig farben

evil-looking chemical company headquarters (not really ig)

more blue

couldn’t help myself

reedmor books

we all should

warranty will not be honored

ge is THE name in hi-fi


more rotund characters. love the fat lip on the b


super gorgeous swash caps

window open 7am-9pm

mccarren gets the love, but i’ll take the mcgolrick lunch counters over it any day

pixel blackletter (ii)

sometimes taking mosaics places they weren’t meant to go is so the right thing to do

avocado and orange are timeless

everything else fades....

travel office

on bow street


hollywood people on bedford


on manhattan ave

tree fort angst

slumberland records fans still exist apparently


on greenpoint ave near franklin

sugar agitprop

elana's five

single-digit addresses are über-quaint


neon must be caged or it will escape

dim bulb

idea forgotten


six letters, a brush, and earthtones.

good fences

lot next to the guy grilling kielbasa on the sidewalk


the most heavily documented disused warehouse in red hook

and per se pound

when you don’t have the real glyph, you use the one you do

stealing sheep

sometimes letterspacing is less of a crime


on the way to key lime pie

comforting leg

less roller-disco than the exterior


i’m applying for my union card like tomorrow

that f

i’m a total sucker for the cursive f with the loop at the bottom instead of the top

stacked type

vertical type prohibitions ignored (and in avant garde nonetheless)

inverted spectacles

hidden under the awning at kim florist

relevant data

back before we had widgets for such things


car repair

feathers down

e. cucker inc at driggs and lorimer

every weekday morning

diagonal stencil type on mcguinness blvd

ten over ten = unity

love those filled-in zeros in the fraction

the family (i)

one of the two family businesses that manufacture all the rooftop water towers in new york

the family (ii)

product shot

u.s. post

your neighborhood

check out the elf shoe on the foot of the r in the sans serif

ol rs


carnival typeface

on norman by manhattan ave


how have real estate and alcohol not been combined like this before?

driggs school

maybe a polish speaker can tell me what this used to spell out. predictably i think it looks better like this


the golden age of tailoring

stationery (i)

near the water on greenpoint ave

long is. city

long live aging corporate identity theft

kim florist

beautiful slab serif on my favorite sign in greenpoint (which is apparently not long for this world given that they tore the awning off just a few days ago. never a good sign...)


in multiple layers

mosaic serif

this has to be my favorite era of mta signage. those numerals ... there are no words.

tony metal

most appropriate type treatment i could possibly think of

twenty-four twenty-fifth

more numerals that leave me happy

superiority complex

the entrance to the superior sewing machine co. headquarters on west 25th st.

fencing digits

fish said the five and the three were having a sword fight

mission statement

on the front of automotive high school

more pixels

makes me sorry i wasn’t around after dark


overlooking the sea


in an overgrown vacant lot behind miles of fencing


knock-out brick typography



the cyclone

as the sun finally came out of hiding


spell that address out one digit at a time

rising sun

nighttime on guernsey st

track 11

luggage trolley in union station with some amazing vowel characters


next-door to the warehouse

original strand

good old neon

breakfast lunch

cocktails on potrero ave

old/new soma

the corner of the san francisco galvanizing works


books are going out of style

hotel one

in the part of soma where the tenderloin spills across market street for a few blocks

neon blur

sometimes i gawk


some pretty gnarly ironwork going on here


barely legible


davis square


where i’m living these days

downcity signage

next to studio across from the ashes of the building that burned down when i was a 3/1


in the sewing machine district south of f.i.t.


before departing